Epson SureColor Printer

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Produce high-quality printed textiles and promotional goods with this low-maintenance dye-sublimation printer.

Key Features

  • Complete Epson solution: Hardware, software, printhead, ink, and sublimation paper
  • Easy installation: Special tools and specialist knowledge are not required
  • Optional take-up reel: The optional Epson take-up reel offers more control of take-up quality
  • Product durability: The enhanced specification of key parts increases product life and ROI
  • Low TCO: Easy user access and downtime reduction.
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Epson SureColor Printer SC-F6300 (HDK)

Printer Epson SureColor Use this low-maintenance dye-sublimation printer to create high-quality printed textiles and promotional items.

The Epson SC-F6300 Printer, a 44-inch dye-sublimation printer, was created for textile manufacturers, companies that manufacture promotional items, as well as photography studios. Due to increased user productivity and decreased downtime, it boasts a low TCO.


The need to call an engineer is reduced by simple user access and printhead maintenance. Your company will continue to operate more effectively thanks to the decreased downtime and simple maintenance access. The increased key part specifications discussed above extend product life and return on investment.

Easy of use

more rapid start-up after delivery. There is no need for specialized equipment or knowledge. The quick start-up method out-of-the-box gets enterprises up and running as soon as feasible.

Software assistance


Total package


Additionally, Key Features

  • Comprehensive Epson fix Sublimation paper, printhead, ink, hardware, software, and printhead
  • Simple installation, Therefore, specialized equipment and knowledge are not necessary.
  • Supplementary take-up reel: Epson’s take-up reel also gives you more control over the quality of your take-up.
  • Product toughness: Improved key part specifications lengthen product life and ROI.
  • Lower TCO For instance, facilitating user access and cutting downtime.

Additional information

Weight85 kg
Dimensions16.8 × 11.28 × 91.7 cm