Branded name badges that redefine your corporate introductions

Name badges may seem too commonplace to have an impact, but they wield immense power to showcase your corporate identity, employee accomplishments, or membership. They are more than just visual pointers to help people communicate during events. Name pin badges can become your promotional gems and security control solutions, especially when customized by MTC.

Once you acknowledge the potential of badges, we are looking forward to complementing any option we have in stock with your logo. Choose whatever represents your brand or teams, and let MTC take care of supplies.

Major uses of promotional name badges

Name tags can play a pivotal role in your promotional efforts. Here’s where they work best, either when combined with other branding tools or alone:

  • Employee appreciation. Celebrate your employees’ achievements with custom name tags. Recognizing their accomplishments and recently earned credentials is an effective morale-boosting move that can underpin your company’s values.
  • Corporate events. It’s not uncommon to see hundreds of name pin badges during sales pitches, product launches, seminars, trade shows, or parties. They are excellent for defining a sense of belonging and nurturing a strong company culture.
  • Security control. Name tags aren’t just for visually identifying the company’s employees. They can also be added to venue security measures to ensure smooth operations and access control.
  • Consistent brand identity. Sharing branded badges among your employees can help you maintain your workplace positioning. Small name pieces can do the trick by instilling a sense of unity among those who represent your business.

Types of name badges for sale

At MTC, we always align our customization services with the promotional needs of businesses. With that in mind, we have dozens of different tag options available for sale:

  • Materials. Choose by appearance and durability to settle on aluminum, brass, PVC, or acrylic badges. Each material has distinct features that may work better for your promotional campaign.
  • Colors. Win the visual game with name tags available in golden, silver, and white colors. These can be even more impressive with special finishing options.
  • Shapes. Customize the form of your badges to suit your brand’s logo and the messaging you are about to showcase. Whether it’s rectangular, round, or oval, we won’t limit your choices.
  • Reusable or unique. Buy name badges online that can be used by multiple employees during different events by simply changing the inserts. Or, go for one-of-a-kind options dedicated to a specific occasion or person.
  • Attachments. From classic pins to magnetic fasteners, we can ensure the expected usability and convenience. MTC is your name badge supplier that eliminates poorly attached pieces and those that hurt.

Turn every corporate introduction into a promotional opportunity! Order name tags in the UAE by requesting a quote for the desired type of badges today.