USB Flash Drive

One of the best ways to increase brand recognition is to stand out with a custom silicone USB drive. Virtually any shape imaginable can be recreated on these material which has a high quality flash drives. Tested chip inside the product. Available capacity : 4, 8, 16 or 32 GB.

Custom-made USB Flash Drive Samples

Why choose to customize?


We offer various forms of customization,  We accept artwork in all formats and our graphics team will work with you to make your final product look just right.

Pantone® Color Matching

Looking for a precise color to match your brand guidelines? Ask about our Pantone® color matching service and we’ll produce your custom flash drives to your exact color specification.

Data Pre-Load

Need to distribute presentations, catalogs, or other important company information? Request our US-based secure batch preloading service, and your custom flash drives will be shipped with preloaded files, ready for distribution.

File Locking

Our File Lock service will protect your preloaded files from deletion on your custom USB drives. This allows your files to maintain visibility every time the flash drives are used, and is especially useful on larger flash drive capacities that tend to be used for years on end.

Flash Drive Accessories

Enhance the presentation and value of your custom flash drives by packaging them with individually customizable cases.

Fast Delivery

We made sure your product will be as per your design and you’ll be receiving it as per the designated time and location.