Promotional Camel Plush Toys Sizes 25 cm & 35 cm

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  • Material: Plush PP Cotton Soft Materials.

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Item SizeItem WeightPcs in CartonCarton WeightCarton Box Size
35 cm0.272 kg259.00 kg60x50x40 cm
25 cm0.130 kg609.50 kg60x50x40 cm

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  • DTF Printing
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Promotional Camel Plush Toys

When it comes to promotional gifts, it is crucial to select goods that not only successfully represent the message of your company but also create a long-lasting impression. This is because lasting impressions are the goal of promotional gifts. These 25- and 35-cm promotional camel plush toys are the best options available if you are searching for a promotional gift that is not only one-of-a-kind but also one that will be remembered for a long time. These lovely plush camels are not only adorable toys but also serve as a sign of your company’s devotion to being innovative and offering outstanding service. In addition, they are adorable.

  • Material: plush PP cotton soft materials.
  • Color: Beige, Brown with White Cover
  • Size: 25 cm and 35 cm
  • Toy Category: Camel Stuffed Plush Toys

There is something irresistible about soft camels.

1. Individuality and the allure of one’s personality

One of the most important requirements for promotional presents is that they be unique, and these plush camels surely fulfill that demand. Unlike the standard promotional materials, these toys have a wonderful and unusual touch that captivates the attention and emotions of the recipients. This is in contrast to the typical promotional materials. Because of their endearing appearance, camels quickly become a treasured companion for children of all ages, including young children and adults. This includes both young children and more mature youngsters.

2. Adaptability to size

You can serve a more varied group of consumers since you offer two sizes, which are 25 centimeters and 35 centimeters, respectively. In addition to being an excellent choice for youngsters, the smaller version is also an excellent choice for use in nurseries, playrooms, and bedrooms. Adults who place a high value on the suppleness and aesthetic appeal of the plush toy will discover that the larger version is just as calming and pleasurable as the smaller version. Individuals of varied ages can benefit from the promotional gifts that you provide the opportunity to get.

3. Work that is both skilled and skilled

The manufacture of these plush camel toys, which are made with the closest attention to detail, entails the utilization of the finest fabrics and stitching that are now accessible. It is just ideal for cuddling because the fluffy fabric is so pleasant to the touch. This makes it an ideal choice for a cozy blanket. In addition, the durability of the toys ensures that people will continue to take pleasure in them for a lengthy period. Your company is going to be known for its exceptional performance and careful attention to detail.

4. Personalization and adaptability options available to the user

You will be able to make sure that your promotional gift stands out from the crowd to the maximum extent possible if you personalize these plush camel toys. Include a personalized message, the slogan of your business, or the insignia of your company to develop a genuine connection with the audience you are trying to reach. Through the process of personalization, it is possible to make a present that is one of a kind and an experience that will be remembered forever. This, in turn, encourages appreciation and the identification of the brand.

5. The Establishment of Connective Emotional Bonds

It is a well-known truth that soft toys have the unique power to induce feelings of nostalgia and recall. Many people have noticed this. The pleasant emotions that are linked with the warmth, cosines, and softness of a cuddly toy are associated with the gift of a plush camel, which is associated with the happy sentiments that are associated with the gift of a fluffy toy. When people think of your brand, they will associate these positive sentiments with it, which will lead to a feeling of goodwill towards your business.

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Printing Options on Camel Stuffed Toys

  • DTF Printing on both sides.

Camel Toy Printing Details

Printing Details on Camel Plush Toys 35 cm Printing Details on Camel Plush Toys 25 cm


HD Video: Camel Plush Toys | SKU: TB-03

Printing Details on Camel Plush Toys 35 cm Printing Details on Camel Plush Toys 25 cm

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Weight0.272 kg
Dimensions31 × 21 × 35 cm

35 cm, 25 cm

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