Natural Jute with Cotton Zipper Pouches

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  • Material: Jute & Cotton | Item Size: 200 x 60 x 150 mm | Item Weight: 0.050 kg

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33418 kg58 x 45 x 48 cm

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Jute with Cotton Zipper Pouches

The natural jute zip pouch for storage management is a flexible and eco-friendly option for keeping numerous items neatly and efficiently. Jute, a sustainable and biodegradable fiber, is used to make these pouches, making them a great option for anyone searching for an eco-friendly organizer to replace plastic or synthetic organizers.

The natural jute zipper pouch for organizing storage has several key features and advantages, some of which are listed below:

The jute plant produces jute, a natural material that grows with little water and no pesticides. Jute is an environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic materials that encourages sustainable practices.

These pouches are durable and able to withstand repeated use because jute fibers are known for their strength and durability.

Zipper Closure: The zipper closure secures the contents of the bag and keeps everything inside from escaping or becoming misplaced. It enables quick and simple access to the items stored.

The jute bag is an adaptable storage option that can be used to arrange and store a wide range of items, including stationery, cosmetics, toiletries, small accessories, coins, cables, or other requirements. It keeps different items close together, reducing clutter and enhancing organization.

Compact and transportable: The pouch is suitable for daily usage as well as travel because of its compact size and lightweight, which make it simple to carry in handbags, backpacks, or luggage.

The pouch gains some charm from the jute’s natural, rustic appearance, which also adds to its visual appeal and makes it distinctive.

The pouch can be personalized by adding logos, artwork, or words to the surface. As a result, the pouch makes a wonderful customized gift as well as a great advertising item.

The jute zip pouch can be used in a range of settings and circumstances, including at home, the office, when traveling, or as a giveaway at events and advertising campaigns.

Jute pouches may be kept in good condition with little effort because they are easy to clean and maintain.

Using a natural jute zip pouch conveys a commitment to eco-friendly practices and is consistent with sustainability goals. It enhances the perception of people or organizations as responsible and environmentally conscious.

  • Eco-Friendly: Made from a combination of Natural JUTE and cotton material.
  • Lightweight and spacious.
  • Multipurpose – It is also greatly used as cosmetic, toiletry, medicine, travel bag, etc.

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Weight0.05 kg
Dimensions20 × 6 × 15 cm
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