Bamboo Phone Stand with Round Key Holder

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  • Material: Bamboo | Item Size: 25x60x15 mm | Item Weight: 0.015 kg

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Pcs in Carton Box Carton Weight Carton Box Size
1000 17.5 kg 40 x 35 x 30 cm

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Bamboo Phone Stand with Round Key Holder

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Phone Stand Keychain with Branding Options.

  • Simple and durable
  • A two-way keychain that can be used as a key holder as well as a phone Stand. A Perfect accessory to your mobile phone.
  • Eco-friendly material made from Natural bamboo.

A useful and green device created to hold smartphones and keys stylishly is the Bamboo Phone Stand with Round Key Holder. This item provides a sense of natural elegance to any workstation or house in addition to being useful. Here is more information on this useful object:

The biodegradable and quickly-growing material bamboo was used to make the phone stand and key holder. Bamboo is a sustainable material for this product because of its strength, toughness, and appealing grain patterns.

Functionality of the phone stand: The phone stand offers a secure and practical platform for holding smartphones in both horizontal and vertical positions. To receive notifications, watch movies, or make video calls, users can maintain their phones at an ergonomic viewing position.

Round Key Holder: Including a round key holder improves the product’s functionality even more. Users can lessen their chances of losing their keys by keeping them accessible and organized.

Compact and Space-Saving Form: The bamboo phone stand and key holder’s space-saving form make it perfect for desks, bedroom tables, and hallways. It keeps necessary stuff accessible and organized without taking up unnecessary room.

Customizable Branding: The spherical key holder offers a prominent area for placing a logo or performing bespoke branding. Businesses can improve their brand familiarity and exposure among recipients by taking advantage of this customizable opportunity.

Bamboo is a renewable and biodegradable material, which makes it appealing to those who love the environment. This phone stand and key holder are made of bamboo, which demonstrates the recipient’s dedication to sustainability.

The usefulness and natural beauty of this bamboo accessory make it a clever and well-liked present for coworkers, clients, or event attendees. It is appropriate for a range of business gatherings, trade exhibitions, or advertising campaigns.

Versatility: The phone stand is appropriate for a wide range of customers because it can hold different smartphone models. The key holder is useful for both personal and business use because it can keep many keys.

Offering a bamboo phone stand and key holder allows your business to be associated with green and aesthetically beautiful goods. This could strengthen consumers’ favorable perceptions of your company and its dedication to sustainability.

Longevity: Because bamboo is a hardy material, the phone stand and key holder will last for years of dependable use, increasing the recipient’s exposure to the business.

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Printing Options on Bamboo Mobile Stand

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Phone Stand Printing Details

Printing Details Bamboo Phone Stand Keychain

Printing Details Bamboo Phone Stand Keychain

Additional information

Weight 0.015 kg
Dimensions 2.5 × 6 × 1.5 cm
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