Thermal Heat Resistant Tapes

Thermal Heat Resistant Tapes, High Temp Tape, Sublimation Tape, Heat Transfer and Insulation, Masking, Soldering, Powder Coating.
Prime Quality: The heat tapes are made of high-quality polyamide polymer film, heat resistant up to 260?
Wide Use: The high temp tape can be used to make custom shirts, hats, mug presses, koozies presses, etc. Perfect for iron-on projects and sublimation!
Excellent Electrical Insulation: The heat press tape can keep PCB board components/electric motor from wave soldering, hold sublimation paper/ transfer vinyl/Teflon sheets/fabric in place
Tape Size: Heat-resistant tapes, lengths of 33 m, & width of 12 mm resist high temperatures from -73?C to 260?C.
No Residue Left: The thermal tape can be removed without residue on the surface, easy to find the start of the tape with the yellow tab

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Thermal Heat Resistant Tapes for Sublimating Print

Heat transfer and insulation, thermal heat resistant tapes, high-temperature tape, sublimation tape, masking, soldering, and powder coating.

Highest caliber

High-quality polyamide polymer film that can withstand heat up to 260?C is used to make the heat tapes.

large use

The high-temperature tape can be used to create personalized t-shirts, hats, mug presses, koozie presses, and other items. Perfect for sublimation and iron-on applications!

Outstanding Electrical Insulation

The heat press tape can retain fabric, sublimation paper, transfer vinyl, Teflon sheets, and electric motor components from wave soldering.

Roll Size

A 33 m long by 12 mm wide heat-resistant tape can withstand temperatures as high as 500 ?F and -73 ?C.

No Residue Left

The thermal tape can be removed without residue on the surface, easy to find the start of the tape with the yellow tab

Applications for Sublimation Printing: It may be used for a variety of sublimation printings, including cups, mobile covers, keychains, T-shirts, coasters, and tile printing, among others. The paper will stay attached to the items (mug, phone cover, keychain, etc.) with the use of this tape, protecting your product from accidents. It also leaves no traces behind when it is taken off. So, with this tape, which makes the printing process hassle-free, we can have the best quality printed things.

Applications for electricity: It is mechanically sound, and has high insulation, high-temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, low electrolysis, and tear resistance. It is ideal for protecting delicately printed circuit board (PCB) components like gold leads and gold fingers during the process of wave soldering and many other electrical applications. As a result, the tape is typically used in electronic manufacturing as an insulation and protection layer on electrostatic sensitive and fragile components. Please post any questions you may have in the “Have a question?” box.



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