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Silicone overlay sheets are used for covering inkjet & laser transfer papers, heat transfer vinyl, digital prints, and more. Silicone cover sheets also help protect heat presses from excess sublimation ink and vinyl mishaps. Place a sheet inside a garment to prevent sticking.

  • SILICONE SHEETS TO BE USED WITH YOUR EXISTING HEAT PRESS ON TRANSFER PAPER) for applying transfer paper, 57g both-sided silicon coated (can be used on either side)
  • For use with a hot heat press or iron so the image won’t stick to the heat plate/Iron.
  • For use with any Inkjet transfer paper for light or dark.
  • The sheets each sheet can be reused several times.
  • For use on transfer sizes of 44 x 32 cm, and 35 x 25 cm sheet size.
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Silicone Sheets FS for T-Shirt Transfer Heat Press

Each bundle of transfer paper purchased on the website comes with silicone sheets, often known as FS or papers. These are reusable, however, you can purchase additional silicon papers if you’d like to have more or if you’ve lost yours. silicon sheet pack for extending the life of irons and transfers. Any Photo Paper Direct transfer sheets are suitable. Re-usable. Because the image is intended for example purposes, please take note that this bundle does not contain transfer sheets.

Additionally, silicone overlay sheets are employed to cover digital prints, heat transfer vinyl, inkjet, laser transfer papers, and more. Additionally, silicone cover sheets shield heat presses from excess vinyl and sublimation ink. To avoid sticking, tuck a sheet inside the clothing.

  • TRANSFER PAPER APPLICATION SILICONE SHEETS (57g both-sided silicon coated, TO BE USED WITH YOUR EXISTING HEAT PRESS) (can be used on either side)
  • In order to prevent the picture from sticking to a hot heat press or iron.
  • Suitable for use with either bright or dark Inkjet transfer paper.
  • The sheets can all be recycled multiple times.
  • Used with sheets measuring 35 x 25 cm and 44 x 32 cm for transfers.

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44 x 32 cm, 35 x 25 cm

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