Rectangle Wooden Crystal Awards in Hardboard Box

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  • Material: Wood and Crystal | Item size: 125 x 35 x 220 mm | Weight: 1.571 kg

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2844 kg57 x 38 x 45 cm

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  • Laser Engraving | Sandblast Sticker | DTF Printing
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Rectangle Wooden Crystal Awards in Hardboard Box

The rectangular wooden crystal awards, enclosed within a sturdy cardboard box, represent elegant tokens of recognition that harmoniously blend the aesthetic allure of crystal with the inviting qualities of wood. The purpose of these prizes is to recognize noteworthy accomplishments, great demonstrations of skill, or major landmarks in a range of domains, including corporate, athletic, academic, or philanthropic pursuits. The amalgamation of crystal and wood yields a visually striking and sophisticated accolade that is bound to make an enduring impact on the recipient.

The following are notable characteristics and specifics about rectangular wooden crystal awards that are presented in a hardboard box:

The materials used for the awards typically comprise a rectangular-shaped crystal piece and a hardwood base. The crystal component is composed of optical crystal of exceptional grade, widely recognized for its exceptional clarity and brilliance. The inclusion of a hardwood base enhances the overall aesthetic appeal by introducing an element of refinement, which effectively complements the crystal’s inherent transparency.

Design and Shape: The use of a rectangular shape is a timeless and adaptable design selection for these accolades. The item offers substantial space for the inclusion of the recipient’s name, the precise accomplishment being acknowledged, the date, and any additional customized particulars. The minimalistic nature of the design guarantees that the attention is directed onto the aesthetic appeal of the crystal and the importance of the accolade.

Engraving plays a vital role in the personalization of awards, as it is a regularly employed technique to imbue each award with a distinct character tailored to the individual recipient. The appropriate details can be engraved on either the crystal surface or the wooden base, typically employing precision laser engraving techniques to get a refined and elegant outcome.

The wooden base serves as a suitable complement to the crystal, offering both stability and a sense of natural aesthetics to the whole piece. Typical wood selections encompass mahogany, walnut, cherry, and rosewood, each presenting unique hues and grain arrangements. The foundation has been meticulously designed to effectively showcase and uphold the crystal.

The trophy is commonly stored in a hardboard box to guarantee its protection and provide a sophisticated presentation. The black hardboard box provides a sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing means of conveying and preserving the prize, enhancing its perceived worth and status.

Rectangle wooden crystal awards in hardboard boxes are appropriate for a wide range of ceremonial events, such as recognition ceremonies, employee appreciation events, business anniversaries, sports championships, academic successes, and any other occasion that calls for the celebration of outstanding performance.

Symbolism: The crystal is often associated with qualities such as clarity, purity, and brilliance, which imbue it with symbolic significance as a representation of exceptionalism and accomplishment. The use of the oak foundation serves as a representation of robustness, steadfastness, and the enduring quality of the accolade being bestowed.

Customization possibilities may vary depending on the provider or maker, potentially offering more options for tailoring the award to specific preferences. Potential options for customization encompass a range of possibilities, such as the choice of diverse crystal sizes, various wood types, distinct engraving styles, or the integration of individual artwork or trademarks.

The rectangular wooden crystal awards, presented in a sturdy cardboard box, fulfill a dual purpose by serving as both a symbol of gratitude and a catalyst for inspiration and motivation. These awards are designed to acknowledge and encourage the recipient’s ongoing great achievement. The amalgamation of crystal and wood produces an enduring and noteworthy accolade that will be cherished for an extended period.

  • Material: Wood and Crystal
  • Item size: 125 x 35 x 220 mm
  • Weight: 1.571 kg
  • Packaging: Vertical opening Black Hardboard box with black velvet interior and gold lock.
  • Eco-Friendly Awards

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Printing Options on Award

  • Laser Engraving | Sandblast Sticker | DTF Printing

Award Printing Details

Award Printing Details

Award Printing Details

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Weight1.571 kg
Dimensions12.5 × 3.5 × 22.0 cm
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