Mountain Shaped Crystal & Marble Awards in the Box

  • Material: Crystal and Marble | Item size: 170 x 22 x 250 mm | Weight: 1.517 kg

Packaging Details

Pcs in Carton Box Carton Weight Carton Box Size
10 21 kg 45×27.50×30 cm

Award Printing Options

  • Laser Engraving | Sandblast Sticker
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Mountain-Shaped Crystal and Marble Awards in Hardboard Box

The award, which would be a mountain-shaped trophy made of crystal and marble and delivered in a box, would be constructed out of hardboard. The trophy would be placed in a box. In terms of gifts that are given for promotional purposes, this would be a gift that is not only beautiful but equally sophisticated. As a result of the fact that these medals are designed to symbolize toughness, resiliency, and the accomplishment of reaching new heights, they are particularly well-suited to honor big triumphs or milestones. This is because they are designed to represent certain characteristics symbolically.

The trophy, which is typically fashioned in the shape of a mountain, is frequently fashioned from high-quality crystal, which produces an image of a peak that is both brilliant and crystal clear. The trophy is often given to the person who comes out on top. It is possible to make this crystal in a manner that is unique to each recipient. This is feasible because each award can be etched or engraved with a brand, a name, or a message. You have the option of etching or engraving this crystal with any personalization that you could desire. Crystal may not only give the idea of grandeur to a picture, but it also gives the setting an obvious feeling of direction and accomplishment. Crystal may also give the impression of sophistication. Crystal can be utilized in a wide variety of settings and situations.

Marble is an extra component that is crucial to these prizes; it not only gives them a sense of hardness and mass, which is essential to their overall design, but it also provides a link to the earth, which links them to the ground. In many instances, the marble base serves as a companion to the crystal mountain by providing it with a stable platform. This serves as a complement to the crystal mountain. This foundation, which functions as a metaphor for the components that are necessary to accomplish large ambitions, is typically used to illustrate the unwavering support and labor that are necessary to accomplish such objectives. Every trophy that is awarded is given an air of individuality as a result of the naturally existing patterns that are present in the marble. The explanation behind this is that no two pieces of marble are identical to one another in every way.

The delivery of the prizes in a hardboard box adds a layer of complexity and attention to detail to the presentation. When it comes to the presentation, this is something that stands out in particular. The purpose of the box, which is generally difficult to understand and exquisitely crafted, is to safeguard the award from any potential damage. Due to the presence of this protective element, the award’s perceived worth is elevated, which is a consequence of the situation. In addition, it is possible to personalize it by adding a brand name or a message, which will transform the entire package into a souvenir that will be remembered for the rest of one’s life. Such a keepsake will be passed down from generation to generation.

An exceptionally lovely promotional present would be trophies made of crystal and marble that are shaped like mountains and placed in a box made of hardboard. These trophies would be distributed in the shape of mountains, which would highlight their mountainous appearance. They can convey a message of gratitude and appreciation, which, in turn, inspires the recipient to continue to be loyal and dedicated to the cause on their end. These trophies are good for presentation at a wide variety of events, including company accomplishments and major milestones, as well as personal recognition in a variety of sectors, such as athletics, academics, and community service. They are also excellent for presenting at a wide variety of events. Additionally, they can be presented at a wide range of events.

All things considered, these awards are more than just presents; they are a declaration of accomplishment as well as a concrete remembrance of a significant achievement. In other words, they are more than just presents. They are an item of promotional merchandise that is highly respected and has a significant impact, and they may be used in a variety of settings. They are a promotional object that has a large impact as a result of this, which describes its significance.

  • Material: Crystal and Marble
  • Item size: 170 x 22 x 250 mm
  • Weight: 1.517 kg
  • Packaging: Fiber Hardboard Box

Click Here: For HD Video: Crystal and Marble Awards | SKU: CR-38

Printing Options on Mountain-Shaped Award

  • Laser Engraving | Sandblast Sticker

Award Printing Details

Printing Details Mountain Shaped Awards


HD Video: Crystal and Marble Awards | SKU: CR-38

Printing Details Crystal and Marble Awards

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Weight 1.517 kg
Dimensions 17 × 2.2 × 25 cm
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