Plantable Kit with GHAF Seeds in Kraft Box

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  • Material: Biodegradable pots or planting materials | Seeds: Ghaf Seed | Single Pack | Packing size: 80 x 78 x 83 mm | Item Weight: 0.062 kg

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Pcs in Carton BoxCarton WeightCarton Box Size
15012 kg68 x 45 x 45 cm

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Plantable Kit with Soil Coins, GHAF Seeds, and Coir Pot

The Plantable Kit with GHAF Seeds sounds intriguing! The Ghaf tree is native to arid regions of the Middle East and is the national tree of the United Arab Emirates. It’s a hardy, drought-resistant tree that can withstand harsh desert conditions.

A plantable kit with Ghaf seeds would likely include everything needed to grow a Ghaf tree, possibly including:

  1. Ghaf tree seeds: These would be the central component, allowing you to grow your Ghaf tree from scratch.
  2. Planting instructions: Clear and concise instructions on how to plant and care for your Ghaf tree seeds, including soil requirements, watering instructions, and any other pertinent details.
  3. Biodegradable pots or planting materials: To facilitate the growth of your Ghaf tree, environmentally friendly pots or planting materials might be included.
  4. Fertilizer or soil additives: The kits include small amounts of fertilizer or soil additives to ensure optimal growth conditions for the Ghaf seeds.
  5. Educational material: Information about the Ghaf tree, its significance in the region, and its environmental benefits could be included to raise awareness about the importance of preserving native species.

Plantable kits like these are not only great for individuals interested in gardening or environmental conservation but also serve as educational tools to promote awareness about native plant species and their role in ecosystem health.

Planting Instructions – How to Plant!

Planting Instructions - How to Plant!

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Plantable Kit Printing Instructions

Plantable Kit Printing Instruction

Plantable Kit Printing Instruction

Planting Instruction SPS-06

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Weight0.062 kg
Dimensions8.0 × 7.8 × 8.3 cm
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