A5 Hard Cover Notebooks, 80 Sheets, 80gsm Milk Papers

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  • Material: Cork & Recycled Milk Carton | Item Size: 145x15x210 mm | Item Weight: 0.319 kg

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5016.5 kg41 x 24 x 33 cm

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  • UV Printing | Screen Printing
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A5 Hard Cover Notebooks

A5 size Hard Cover Milk Paper and cork Split Notebooks with Branding options.

A time-tested and successful marketing tactic, choosing notebooks as promotional gifts has several benefits for companies and organizations. Notebooks are a wonderful alternative for promoting your business, products, or services because they are practical, adaptable, and extensively utilized.

Here are some major explanations for why notepads are excellent promotional items:

Practicality: People use notebooks in a variety of settings, such as the workplace, school, or for personal note-taking and planning. They are likely to be valued and used frequently by the recipients, giving your brand continued exposure.

Notebooks are suitable for a wide range of people since they have a universal appeal. They can be used by anyone who requires a tool for taking down ideas, notes, or sketches, including professionals, artists, writers, and students.

Customization: There is plenty of room on notebooks to add your company’s name, logo, or artwork. Every time the receiver uses the notebook, your organization will be visually reminded thanks to custom branding.

Brand Exposure: Because notebooks are frequently carried around and used in meetings, classes, or activities, they are always being exposed to new people.

Budget-friendly: When purchased in bulk for advertising, notebooks are comparatively inexpensive. They are therefore an affordable option for companies of all sizes.

Versatility: There are many different shapes, sizes, and types of notebooks (such as spiral-bound, hardcover, softcover, and eco-friendly). This adaptability enables you to pick a notebook that complements your corporate identity and the tastes of your target market.

Impact that lasts a long time: Because high-quality notebooks are robust and practical for longer use, they provide recipients with prolonged brand exposure.

Positive Brand Association: By providing a handy and attractive notebook, you help the receivers associate your brand favorably with utility and quality.

Opportunity for Creativity: Design and branding opportunities are provided by notebooks. You may produce distinctive and striking designs that complement the identity and message of your brand.

Notebooks are excellent giveaways for events and trade exhibits as well as for conferences, seminars, and business get-togethers. Additionally, they can be a part of welcome presents for new clients or workers.

By giving them a practical item that promotes your brand identity, promotional notebooks give your company the chance to connect with your target audience. Notebooks have endured the test of time as a useful and adaptable product that serves as an efficient promotional tool for raising brand awareness and creating a lasting impression on recipients.

  • A5 Size with hard cover made from Cork and Recycled Milk Carton material.
  • Split cover with brown Kraft inner cover with printed ruler design.
  • 80 sheets cream color grid lined 80gsm milk paper.
  • With an embossed recycle mark at the bottom back.

Printing Options on Notebook

  • UV Printing | Screen Printing

Notebook Printing Details

Printing Details on Notebook

Printing Details on Notebook

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Weight0.319 kg
Dimensions14.5 × 1.5 × 21 cm
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