Rectangular Magnets

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  • Material: Metal | Item Size: 20 x 10 mm | Item Weight: 0.002 kg

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Pcs in Carton BoxCarton WeightCarton Box Size
1056024.5 kg26 x 22 x 20 cm
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Rectangular Magnets

Rectangular personalized magnet badges allow wearers to see while preventing material damage. Pinholes on the shirts and jackets of their industry are getting old to people. Additionally, the ID card holder is secured by wholesale magnet badges on both sides. It produces everything entirely out of metal. It is therefore quite safe. Its dimensions are 20×1.5x10mm as well. Additionally, a customized rectangular magnet emblem holds the card firmly to its surface. It looks amazing in person. This product is available in silver. However, because they don’t require any additional materials to preserve your badge, wholesale magnet badges are far more versatile.

When using a magnet name badge holder, slide the magnet attachment under your shirt to protect your identification badge. Furthermore, its silvery tone is alluring. You can give it as a gift. By presenting your loved ones with these rectangular magnets, you may make them feel very special. Its strong metal construction guarantees a lengthy lifespan. It is also incredibly portable and light. It may also be given as a business presentation. You can distribute it to others to advertise your company.

  • Rectangular magnets manufactured from metal
  • Size: 20×1.5x10mm
  • Available in silver color
  • Corporate gifts

Additional information

Weight0.002 kg
Dimensions2 × 1 cm
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