Foldable Cork+PU Mousepad with Mobile & Pen Holder

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  • Material: Foldable Cork+PU | Size: 215 x 315 x 10 mm | Weight: 0.275 kg

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Pcs in Carton BoxCarton WeightCarton Box Size
5014.5 kg52x 33x 24 cm

Mousepad Printing Options

  • Debossing | Screen Printing | UV Printing
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Foldable Cork+PU Mousepad with Mobile and Pen Holder

Multi-Function Foldable Cork+PU Mousepad with Mobile & Pen Holder, and Branding Options.

  • Material: Cork
  • Multi-function foldable Mousepad in Black PU and Cork Material with pen and phone holder function
  • Debossing, Screen Printing & UV Printing options for logo imprinting.

The Foldable Cork+PU Mousepad with Mobile and Pen Holder is a utilitarian and adaptable promotional item that effectively integrates practicality with environmental consciousness. The product provides a range of functionalities that enhance its utility as a valuable addition to the contemporary work environment. The following information pertains to the promotional gift in question:

The mousepad is composed of a blend of cork and PU (polyurethane) leather materials. Cork is a sustainable and renewable substance derived from the bark of cork oak trees, rendering it a viable option from an ecological standpoint. Polyurethane (PU) leather is a synthetic material designed to replicate the visual and tactile qualities of authentic leather, but abstaining from the use of animal-derived components.

The inclusion of a foldable form enables convenient storage and transportation of the mousepad during periods of non-use. The product possesses the capability to be conveniently folded into a smaller form, rendering it particularly suitable for individuals who engage in mobile work or possess constrained workspaces.

The primary purpose of a mousepad is to enhance the functionality of computer mice by providing a smooth surface that facilitates precise and fluid cursor motions.

The inclusion of a mobile holder is a practical attribute that enables users to elevate their smartphones while engaged in various tasks. This strategy ensures that the phone remains visible and readily available for the purpose of checking messages or notifications.

Pen Holder: The inclusion of a pen holder provides a designated area for conveniently storing a pen or stylus, minimizing desk clutter and guaranteeing easy access to writing instruments at all times.

The enormous surface area of the mousepad offers substantial opportunities for customized branding or installation of logos. The conspicuous display of your company’s logo or promotional message can effectively enhance brand visibility and recognition.

The eco-friendly attractiveness of this promotional gift is enhanced by the utilization of cork, a material that is both sustainable and biodegradable. Recipients with a strong environmental awareness will value the selection of materials.

The folding mousepad with integrated mobile and pen holder is a utilitarian accessory suitable for individuals who engage in frequent computer or laptop usage. The act of organizing and maintaining critical items in close proximity serves to optimize productivity and improve the efficiency of one’s workstation.

The potential of this item as a promotional present is significant, as it possesses a high perceived value owing to its utility and distinctive attributes. The proposed initiative is anticipated to garner favorable reception and appreciation from clients, customers, and workers.

Versatility: This promotional present exhibits adaptability and can be deemed appropriate for a multitude of situations, encompassing corporate gatherings, trade fairs, staff recognition programs, or client appreciation gifts.

When considering the distribution of the Foldable Cork+PU Mousepad with Mobile and Pen Holder as a promotional item, it is advisable to augment its allure by putting it in visually appealing packaging or incorporating a personalized message conveying appreciation and well-wishes. This considerate action contributes a personalized element and enhances the connection between your brand and the recipient.

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Printing Options on Mousepad

  • Debossing | Screen Printing | UV Printing

Foldable Mousepad Printing Details

Foldable Mousepad Printing Details

Foldable Mousepad Printing Details

Additional information

Weight0.275 kg
Dimensions21.5 × 1 × 31.5 cm
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