Hot Foil Stamping Machines

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  1. Stamping temperature adjustable range from room temperature to 400C.
  2. Stamping pressure is adjustable to install.
  3. An automatic rear-and-front worktable ensures safe and quick operation.
  4. Worktable is capable of slight adjustment to the rear and front, left and right, and rotation.
  5. The height of the stamping head is adjustable accordingly.
  6. Automatic foil feeding and rolling with adjustable function.


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Desktop Pneumatic Hot Foil Stamping Machine

The surface of small, flat objects may be stamped rapidly and effectively using this hot foil stamping equipment. utilized mostly in the production of purses made of leather, paper, plastic, and cloth.

Our hot foil presser PSM-9080’s stable pressing force is directly influenced by the pneumatic cylinder. The printing ribbon is transmitted by a pneumatic system. Adjustments to the worktable are optional. It is suitable for many different types of stamping.

  • The stamping temperature can be changed from room temperature to 400C.
  • Stamping pressure can be installed.
  • An automated worktable with a rear and front ensures speedy and secure operation.
  • The worktable has a modest degree of left-right rotation, rear and front adjustability, and rotation.
  • The height of the stamping head can be adjusted suitably.
  • With an adjustment feature, foil is automatically fed and rolled.


  1. Product shape: Plane
  2. Impression area:90*80mm( (3.5″x3.1″)
  3. Power?220V/50Hz
  4. Electrothermal Power:?400W
  5. Air Pressure?0.5-0.7
  6. Operation: Pneumatic
  7. System control: automatic
  8. Workbench: can be adjusted


  1. Name: Pneumatic Plane Hot stamping machines
  2. Model? PSM-9080
  3. Product shape: Plane
  4. Impression area:90*80mm( (3.5″x3.1″)
  5. Power?220V/50Hz
  6. Electrothermal Power:?400W
  7. Air Pressure?0.5-0.7
  8. Operation? Pneumatic
  9. System control? automatic
  10. Workbench? can be adjusted
  11. Stamping foil winding length – < 120 mm
  12. Stamping speed: 800 PCS/H
  13. Machine Outline Dimensions: 400*430*600MM
  14. Machine Weight?45KG
  15. Package dimensions:??48*47*73CM
  16. Package weight:? 60KG

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