American Screen Printing Machines

The rotary press uses the industry’s most unique floating head design which minimizes cost. Accurate registration is achieved without the higher price associated with machines of this capacity.

  • Value: Quality at an entry-level price
  • Long-Lasting: Steel Pallets
  • Precise: Holds accurate multicolor printing registration
  • Innovative: Floating Head, 3-point bearing lock allows for all heads down
  • Adjustable: Screen off contact and level adjustments
  • Versatile: Available up to 4 tables, 4 colors (4×4), and 6 tables and 6 colors (6×6)
  • Capacity : Holds up to 21? x 28? (51 x 61 cm) screens
  • Guaranteed: 1-year warranty on manufacturer?s defects.
  • Ships UPS: Ships UPS in multiple boxes with easy step-by-step instructions.
  • Expandable: From 1 table, 1 color (1×1) to 4 tables, 4 colors (4×4).
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4 Station American Screen Printing Machines

American commercial manual screen printing devices with four print heads.

The rotary press features the most distinctive floating head design in the industry to reduce cost. The additional cost associated with equipment of this size is avoided while still achieving accurate registration.

Product Details

  • Value: Good products at affordable prices
  • Durable: Steel Pallets
  • Holds precise multicolor printing registration precisely.
  • Innovative: All heads down are possible with Floating Head’s 3-point bearing lock.
  • Adjustable: Contact and level changes with the screen off
  • Versatile: available in up to 6 tables and 6 colors and up to 4 tables, 4 colors (4×4) (6×6)
  • Holds screens up to 21″ by 28″ (51 x 61 cm) in size.
  • Guaranteed: One-year manufacturer’s fault guarantee
  • UPS shipping is Delivered by UPS in many boxes with simple-to-follow directions
  • Expandable: 4 tables, 4 colors (from 1 table, 1 color (1×1)) (4×4).

Additional information

Weight 116 kg
Dimensions 38.1 × 45.7 cm
HS Code


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