A3 Magnetic Display Board – FAISCO Series

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Designed to securely hold and display important documents with ease. Features a magnetic backing, ensuring easy attachment to magnetic surfaces for convenient display.

  • Material: Magnetic | Item Size: 45.0× 0.2 x 35.5 cm | Item Weight: 0.223 kg

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Pcs in Carton BoxCarton WeightCarton Box Size
9621.5 kg49 x 37 x 28 cm
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Magnetic Display Board A3 size FAISCO Series

A Magnetic Display Board A3 size is a versatile and convenient tool for displaying information. It features a magnetic frame that allows for easy attachment to metal surfaces and quick document exchange. The frame is designed for both portrait and landscape formats, making it suitable for various types of content.

Its anti-glare surface ensures clear visibility, and the frame’s reusability makes it an eco-friendly option for presentations and notices.

An A3 Magnetic Display Board is a practical tool for displaying notices, presentations, or educational materials. It’s designed to hold A3-sized papers and typically has a magnetic backing that allows it to be easily attached to metal surfaces. The board may also feature a sleek frame to protect and secure the displayed documents. Its size and magnetic feature make it ideal for use in offices, classrooms, and other professional settings where information needs to be displayed prominently and changed regularly.

How do I install a Magnetic Display Board?

Installing a Magnetic Display Board is generally straightforward.

  1. Choose the Location: Decide where you want to place the board. It should be a metal surface where the board’s magnetic backing will adhere.
  2. Prepare the Tools: magnetic strips depending on the design of your board.
  3. Level and Position: Use a level to ensure the board will be perfectly horizontal. Mark the positions where you will need to secure the board if it requires additional support.
  4. Secure the Board: Magnetic, simply align it with the metal surface and attach it.
  5. Insert Documents: Once the board is secure, you can place your A3 documents in the display area.

Additional information

Weight0.223 kg
Dimensions45.0 × 0.2 × 35.5 cm
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