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  • Videos that create awareness — Entertaining, memorable videos that will stay in the minds of your target audience long after viewing.
  • Videos that educate the consumer — These can provide instruction on how to best utilize a product or achieve the best results from a service.
  • Videos that increase audience engagement — These will invite or include consumers to participate in discussions, leave comments, or provide some other form of valuable input.

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Short Promotional Clips

New Arrivals-JAN 2024 
Total Size: 101.4 MB

New Arrival Products 2024

New Arrivals 2024 Video
Total Size: 71.0 MB

New-Arrivals Promotional Products

New Arrivals 2023 Video
Total Size: 99.8 MB

New Arrival 2023
Total Size : 54 MB

Maxema Video 1
Total Size : 21 MB

Maxema Video 2
Total Size : 117 MB

New Arrival 2022
Total Size : 106 MB

New Arrival 2022
Total Size : 270 MB

New Awards
Total Size : 113 MB

UAE Flag Day Products
Total Size : 90 MB

Long Promotional Videos

GiftM Flipbook Catalog 2024

Flip Catalog 2024 Video
Total Size: 1.2 GB

Flip Catalog 2023 Video
Total Size: 800 MB